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Book Marketing

    Today, you the author have so many options. We can help create and post content and videos and share them on social media. We can help you guest post excerpts on blogs that are popular with their subscribers and readers. We can help you sell to sites online and you collect all the profits of their sales. We can help you with online tools and platforms for marketing and sales, you can promote your published work to the masses!


Through us you can:


Promote your work via social media.


Tweet about it.


Create a Facebook page.


Join a Google+ community for booklovers.


Attend and network at the BookExpo America as an attendee or exhibitor.


Create an author website where readers can learn more about you and what you have written.


Set up a signing at local bookstores. Per Covid19.


Issue a press release.


Pitch a story on your book to local radio stations or newspapers.


Find online publications that share or overlap with your audience and see if you can publish an article or excerpt of your published work on their website or blog.

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