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Content Writing & Copyrighting

    Hello, hi, and welcome to one of the most important parts of your webpage, blog, or brand/what you are trying to sell. Content and Copyright. The difference between the two is content writing passes information along to your audience, while copyrighting reveals what your brand is all about. Many times, you'll hear web designers ask you about the content for your web page. The most important thing is to remember is that both content and Copyright will be used on your webpage but they are different.


    One thing to remember about content is it helps those coming to your website understand your product/brand and gets them interested in what you are doing or selling.

Copyright is most important in trying to sell the idea of what you are doing.

Important note: always remember a content writer is anyone writing to your page that is not a professional. It can be you, a family member, or a friend. A copywriter is someone you are going to pay. They are professional and going to help with book editing and Copyright content on your web page or blogs. You are hiring them in a different way and at a different level.


    It's also important to note that we all want to keep our websites fresh and in the digital age of Zoom and video. Video web pages are the combination of written content and video. These can sometimes make your web page look like a news media site. To keep the balance between the two is always the goal of you and your website designer.

One thing I do want to encourage you is to try both when you're writing a blog. We have great links on how to write and a community that you can subscribe to, to help with content and learning journalism. It's a free community, so don't be discouraged. You can do this and you can learn a new thing.

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