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Marketing Tools

    Your marketing plan will need to consist of email marketing. Believe it or not, half of the worldwide population still uses email as a primary form of communication. Social media posts are also used extensively.


    Video making and automation are continuing to grow at an exponential rate because of technology, and now in the United States, 5G access We can show you how to use your social media calendar to keep track of all your social media outlets. We can help you with automations that can automatically send thank you's and welcomes one by one or to all your customers at the same time.


    SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is where words are used to increase your chances of being found in searches on web browsers and apps. We can work with you to create this and help expand your business to a broader customer base.


    One thing you might not be thinking of is blogging. By using blogs, you can increase your SEO presence in several key areas to get your product, brand, or service out to the public It's not as hard as you think. One area that you should not forget is using price quotes. You can add things to your invoice by integrating price quotes and invoices, specials, coupons, and referrals into your email.


    Keep It Simple Business Centers can help your website through marketing. We can receive the data you need from Facebook pixels, a MailChimp, Crazy Egg, Poptin, Google Analytics, Instagram, and more. Another area in marketing is in chat. Chat allows you to instantly chat with someone who comes on to your page. You can send instant replies and/or forms from your website or app.

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