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Marketing Plans

    Welcome to marketing your web page product services.

I want to make a note that it’s important to have a marketing plan (It can also be called a marketing analysis or marketing strategy). It is one of the most important items on your webpage or your business. This is how you become a business. You're not a business unless you sell a product/service to a customer and you are paid for it.


    The marketing plan will help identify your principle markets and who you're selling to. Are there major customers that you're working? Who is your competition? The answer to these questions effectively makes up your marketing plan.


Marketing Plan

    So you have an idea and you've established your business identity whether it be a Corporation, LLC, or sole proprietorship. Why is the marketing plan important? This is where Copyright and content are created to sell your idea or product. It outlines your strategies that you will implement to gain what we will call leads and/or sales of that product/service.


    Some people like to tailor their marketing plans to a target market, or they'll do outreach on what we call PR campaigns for a period of time. Then they reflect on how they're working for your business. To grow this way, you can stop what's not working and continue to develop what works for your business.

We will help you with: tailored messaging market research to support pricing and market decisions, what platforms to use, digital radio, Internet magazines, social media, and more. Please note this is now the norm. A lot of this has changed due to the recent effects of the world markets and current events.

Many areas are using tailored messaging that works to hit certain groups/demographics of customers and geographic areas which means is your business local, national, or even global?


What Is a Marketing Plan?

    A marketing plan is an operational document that outlines an advertising strategy that an organization will implement to generate leads and reach its target market. A marketing plan details the outreach and PR campaigns to be undertaken.


    The reason we call KISBC Keep It Simple Business Centers is this: we want to keep this process simple but effective. Your marketing plan is the strategy, the highway, the map, and the heartbeat of your company. You'll use this to get your products to your customers. Remember, identifying the target markets will create the effective marketing plan. It should be able to adjust on an ongoing basis of analysis to show how you're having an effect or not.


    When you're starting  a business, you'll have your business plan.

The business plan is the overall outlay of your business. The marketing plan is how you are going to make money.


    Very important note: do not be discouraged when we work with you creating your marketing plan. Our job to create a digital marketing plan is one of your tools, along with many others, so that you feel, on the emotional side, that what you're doing has value to you.


    The exciting news is this is what we live for. Every day we help people at every level, at any age create a business that will have functionality. We will continue to support you in what you're doing to achieve that dream of self-ownership, self-reliance, and self-income.


    We are here to help you as another tool for your business in promoting what you value and desire everyday.

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