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Social Media Management

    Hello, welcome to social media management.

Just think even 10 to 15 years ago this wasn't as important as it is now. This has become one of the most critical parts of your business and web page. Your website and your social media management will work together to create a strong media presence, which is an essential part of your online marketing efforts for any small business.

    Managing the social media page can feel like a daunting task. There's a lot into social media management, but we are going to keep it simple with things like finding out when the best/worst time to publish your content. What if nobody likes you? There's a lot of things that happen with this that you just have to take with the old grain of salt and not worry about a lot of what’s going to happen. Most of your social media management tools we're going to use are going to be included free, but some of them you may have to pay fees for to increase your ad revenue for certain larger pages.


    Social media can have a love/hate relationship and throwing blogging into that may be overwhelming, but we're going to nail it down into a simpler form for you. Some of the areas that you're going to be working with are:Twitter map, Google trends, Muzli, and Reddit. (it's really the front page of the Internet and it has the best memes and content) We also have a business profile on Twitter. Any tweet that includes image, video, or gifs in your social media can be good publicity for your site. Naturally, not every social media site is savvy when it comes to scheduling. Facebook, the big dog, has a built-in scheduler for your business account page.

    We're also going to keep it simple with buffering tools. There’s one called Buffer which is a social media scheduling app that can connect to all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, G+, and more. One of our favorite features is it will analyze your page and audience suggest the best times of the day to post your content based on what your fans will likely see. It's also great for analyzing your success. Some more buffering tools we use are Buzzmo, Commun.It, and Google Analytics. Google Analytics is most commonly used to analyze traffic from your websites and blogs. It can also be used for social media content along with Hootsuite and Sprout. These are great social media monitoring tools some are free for 30 days some are free with paid plans. We're going to take as many advantages as we can and again, keep it simple.

We also offer preset templates like Canva., Animoto, which is a great tool for video content, photos, and images, Poptin, and Adobe.  Adobe is the software that can now be licensed monthly to help you with pictures and images. We'll keep it simple and help you with all of that while you're building your business.

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