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Start Your Business Package

    Welcome to the starter business package at Keep It Simple Business Centers or What you are about to see here is different than anything else out there.

These plans are based on three years of commitment by us to work with you in your business idea with support this package will include three years of web hosting with domain.

   Monthly maintenance of your website of 30 minutes , and approximately 45 minutes of update and work time this package includes one year of legal services renewable each year or an inexpensive monthly service agreement.


    It includes 30 minutes of consultation time every 90 days to analyze business plans,  marketing plans, and search engine optimization, also known as SEO, at basic level

this plan includes priority customer service and VIP enrollment in event and seminars

it will include a website at the package level of the number of pages you need for your business customizable at the prices listed packaging and pricing is made to fit your budget

please see our breakdown of the combination of each package and hosting level

additional fees search engine optimization on web page and content changes and additional consultations on your business an analysis of marketing plans.


   Additional cost will also be for video or image purchasing and Copyright protections so you have right to use the images, graphics and video .

    Branding and logo design are included in the package at a basic level, but customized artwork will require additional cost.

Basic content Copyright is included but limited to number of pages and paragraphs additional fees.


   E-commerce may be charged for large content pages set at a specific rate.

   Commerce sites are included in the packages with E Commerce hosting but Please note additional fees may be added for E-commerce sites with 20 or more products listed.

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